Every feel that way?  So do the four legged animals,

                                   Especially if they have had one before, and KNOW that 

                                   they were LOVED.




Now as humans, its hard to have a break up, a divorce or death in the family, and we have the ability to process and digest what has happened.  I know, there are some truly intelligent animals out there, but the JUST DO NOT understand.  they can’t comprehend, the death of a family member. It is incredibly hard on us mere mortals to understand, why someone does not love us, now, that being said, imagine what it would feel like, if you woke up in a field, and no one said anything, it was just….gone. The people you love, the places you felt happy at, the food you needed and water…just GONE.


Imagine if you will, You see something that annoys you, so you say something, or nothing, and some person, every time, you do something or nothing, they come and beat on you with hard objects.  Food and water are like true gifts. Your stomach hurt, your body aches, from the bones protruding, and  you have no way to find it for yourself, because your chained, or fenced in and tied.  You see other animals outside your area, they are drinking, all you know though…IS THE PAIN.  You don’t understand, you just know it hurts.


These are the plight many dogs, and cats cope with daily.  Left, abandoned, beat, starved, sick, in pain, injured, dropped off, and so many other things.  dog and cats, ARE A HUMAN PROBLEM.


Whether you are a dog or cat person, or not, recognize that HUMANS domesticated, these animals, over time. hundreds of years of breeding the “Perfect” pet, in breeding occurs. Weaknesses are uncovered, as we try and mix this breed with that breed in an attempt to achieve a perfect attitude, size and hair.  the dogs and cats, that we know today are way to many generations, from their ancestors, and when that happens,m we have inadvertently, bred much of their survival out of them, tolerances against weather, stress, adaptations, for whatever, changes them. NOW we have a HUGE POPULATION of ANIMALS, that can no longer take care of itself successfully, and then…now that so many humans, have acted n an irresponsible way…they are breed, ave puppies,and kittens, and we don’t want them, and we throw them away.  instead of trying to monitor the population, we have not spayed, and neutered our pets, let them create more and more of themselves, Because remember they are what we were trying to achieve anyway, and whether it isn’t convenient, or we aren’t the responsible person we should be, well that makes the bigger problem.

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